Our Approach
The Amplify approach...

At Amplify Trading our traders follow a global macro approach to deploy strategies intraday across asset classes (forex, equity, fixed income and commodity markets) through our ability to understand and interpret the fundamentals and take advantage of news driven moves. This skill has become increasingly important in the current context and is pivotal to every investment decision, whether short or long-term.

At Amplify Trading, it is this ability, to obtain and interpret the news effectively in an environment mainly driven by politics that equips our traders with the necessary tools to navigate growing volatility.

What makes Amplify Trading's training unique...

Director and Head of Market Analysis, Anthony Cheung, provides our traders with real-time analysis throughout the UK/EU/US trading sessions helping our traders really understand how news impacts the markets and daily sentiment. His 13-years experience in this area serving both institutional and retail clients means he is well placed to help mentor in fundamentals which is at the core of any professional-level investment idea.

Also, through our online courses you learn directly from the most experienced members of the team. Joining Anthony, are Will and Piers who were both previously full-time proprietary traders at US firm Goldenberg Hehmeyer LLP before founding Amplify in 2009.

Stay up to date with what's moving markets today...

Anthony delivers his market briefing live to our traders every morning via our internal chat portal However, you can access the briefings for free after 9am on our YouTube channel.

You can also catch daily insights from Anthony (@AWMCheung) on Twitter.