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AmplifyNOW is the essential foundation programme for anyone interested in trading the global financial markets.

Not only will you learn about technical analysis, strategy development and risk management, Amplify Trading specialise in fundamental analysis and trading psychology. Meaning that you will be fully equipped to better interpret relevant information alongside managing your mindset more effectively  .

Users also get access to live weekly webinars and all candidates will receive a Level 4 diploma in Trading & Financial Market Analysis, accredited by the London Institute of Banking & Finance upon completion of the programme.

The first three videos are absolutely free for you to preview and the cost of the course is £495 for 1-year's access should you wish to continue when you reach the pay wall.

Course content

Welcome to AmplifyNOW

Your guide to the portal


Amplify trading process

Reading market sentiment

Trading journey

Market fundamentals

To truly understand what drives financial markets it is imperative to understand the fundamentals. Learn about macroeconomics and monetary policy in practice.

Learn from experience

The content is delivered from the directors of Amplify, combining over 45-years of market experience. This enables you to learn lessons integral to any professional trader.

Core competences

This online programme covers all the core areas required in learning how to trade, from fundamental and technical analysis to trading psychology and risk management.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start my training?

Immediately! Once you purchase the course you are good to go. If you have questions at any point feel free to contact us on or message via the user dashboard.

What makes this course any different to those found online?

This is the only course that will give you the complete 360 training required to be successful in today’s modern markets. Combining fundamental and technical analysis to create macro led trading strategies across different asset classes.

What happens after I complete the online course?

You will receive a Level 4 diploma in Trading & Financial Market Analysis, accredited by the London Institute of Banking & Finance. From here, there is the option of coming to join us on the trading floor in London to continue your development in person. Email for more information.

If I have questions during the course what happens then?

Each week there is a scheduled 45-minute live webinar with the Head of Market Analysis who is on hand to answer any of your course or market related questions.

Meet the experts

Anthony Cheung

Anthony has worked at the forefront of news and analysis for over a decade specialising in providing breaking news to proprietary traders across the world. Anthony now heads up the trading arm of Amplify and provides daily analysis to our in-house and remote traders from our London trading floor.

In the 'introduction to trading' course, Anthony will delve into some of the ways in which he monitors news and rumours in the market and how best to prepare for your trading sessions. This is a crucial skill to take advantage of current market volatility.

Piers Curran

Piers gained recognition as one of the largest intra-day traders in the futures market, trading fixed income spreads, currencies, commodities and equity future as a senior trader for US firm GHTC. Piers is a respected voice within the industry and can often be seen on tier-1 financial news providers such as CNBC.

In our 'introduction to trading' course, Piers will breakdown macroeconomics into an easy to understand module and explain the importance of central bank monetary policy. He will also deliver sessions on technical analysis, trading processes and risk management.

Sam North

Sam started his trading career in 2014. He was successfully backed by Amplify after completion of his training and traded a live futures account before joining a small hedge fund trading systematic intraday strategies across asset classes. Sam returned to Amplify full-time in 2015 and now acts as a senior mentor for the traders

William de Lucy

Will has over a decade of institutional trading experience and takes responsibility of leading the risk management of the Amplify team. His speciality is in behavioural finance and trading psychology and works closely with the traders at Amplify to help them perform to the best of their abilities. 

Will shall be delivering the trading psychology chapter in our 'introduction to trading' course. He has a wealth of knowledge in this area and helps mentor performance from new traders up to highly experienced asset managers.


Anusha Patel and 249 others have booked this class

Jack Geoghegan

Christian M. Sazon

Excellent course that helped me develop my foundation in Financial Market Analysis and improve my trading mindset.

Nerijus Alejunas

it think this is the only genuine course on the market I could refer to anyone as 100% professional trading start up

florin duma

Muhamad Alduaij

Joe Louis Starling

After becoming aware of Amplify Trading, I played with the idea of completing the 'CityPrep' course, my only wish would be, to have committed to education with yourselves sooner. AmplifyNow is effective learning.

Bradley Page

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